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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


i want updates tooooooo!!! & pictures!! =b

haha, sorrie guys... 4 the lack of updates.
But as much i'd like to keep updating (hehe, so it won't appear to be stagnant),
i can't... cos i'm miles away from where everything is happening!

Hehe, i could continue posting stuffs, but it's suppose to be a lifeXtreme blog about what's happening in lifeXtreme, no? =p

And i'm seriously outdated on current New Life happenings already... haha, as much as i try to not be.

You guys could post stuffs & updates & all tooo!!!!! ^^ (haha, I'm literally begging you to!!)


Haha, but i guess an easier solution would be............ we're shifting!!

to... Atmosphere !!!

^^ Yay!!!! haha, Yea, it's the name of our new Youth Centre. so just click on "Atmosphere".. and you should be directed to the link.

It's really awesome!!!!! so make sure you visit it, yea? ^^
Blessed weekend!!