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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Prophecy from Pastor Jeremiah Yap - for NL Shah Alam
(just in case any of you didn't manage to read it)

“There is a sound in heaven of the coming of His rain and glory of God’s release of His work in your territory. The prayer of the saints in your church has been heard and the Lord is about to turn that bowl of incense and pour out His mighty strength and power of the Holy Spirit upon New Life in Kota Kemuning.

Souls will be saved and planted into His Kingdom and discipled by the church. Resources will be added to you as I see the unlikely ones rising up into potential and quality people added into your fold to help in extending the work of the Lord into the community.

I see people coming forward from the congregation having hearts for community children and families in strife and suffering and leading them into the House of the Lord. The children are pulling the adults to church! These kids are excited and the presence of the Lord is upon them. They are used by the Lord. Some of them are children of people of stature and high professions. God will use them to resource your kingdom work. God is merciful to them and giving them a chance in His kingdom. There is maturity in the place.

I see leaders rising from the fold of the faithful and claiming on the promise that the people of this church shall be the head and not the tail. I see a lot of activities on behalf of New Life Shah Alam in the heavenly realm. Your church is pushing through another barrier. The wall is coming down. More cracks in the wall have appeared. Those who had difficulty in finding jobs will see their breakthrough because the church has broken through. His glory will be revealed. Significance is coming your way. Resources and finance is coming your way. Souls are coming your way. Blessings are coming your way! Get ready for it by your faith and prayer. I see more and more are willing to pray. There is an army of prayer warriors the Lord is raising to make a tremendous sound toward heaven and heaven is now responding with its own sound of the works and marvelous deeds of God upon the earth – through your church!”

* * * * *

Let's claim this promise from God & believe that it will come to past! (:
God is indeed working in our church & in the lives of the people.