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Friday, April 27, 2007

Snippets of Life

Yeah.. hey.. last sunday we had Amanda share on going a level-up in Christ. ( 22 April 2007)
Here's the list of what each of us said so that we can be accountable... i mean live up to it
and really do our best to level-up!
As you read this list, do keep everybody in prayers in their aim to level-up!

Snippets of Life – personal ‘level-up’

Joash – Just do what going what God wants me to do, falling into his plans
Caleb – Trust God more and leave things to Him.
Joel – Commit 100% and not forget who you really are.
Joshua – Understand God. Then understand people.
Liz – Getting out of my comfort zone and doing what I know God wants me to do.
Allison – Keep in total alignment with God and Love people even till frustration. (to be forever under God and never burn out!)
Jim – Rely on Him more and just surrender all to Him.
Erin – Remain in Him; His Love, Strength and Presence. To be more sensitive towards His spirit especially when dealing with people.
Helen – Speaking to the Holy Spirit more and getting out of comfort zone.
Eileen – Understand more about the Bible.
Olivia – Trust in God more. To feel God’s presence more and be more confident in Him
Justina – Put Him 1st in my Life
Adelene – Put worries and troubles and submit to God.
Amanda – To audibly hear God’s voice.
Amos – to not worry nor think so much.
Jason – To make things happen and yes, to keep my promises!

To everybody, all the best! and if any of you happen to have 'leveled-up', Post a comment!
I know I will level-up, slightly, (gain experience) when i post this comment... keeping my promises!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

How Do You Walk On Water?

Entry No. VIII
Start At--------------------: 14th April 2007
Declared By--------------: Pastor Joshua Lee Chin Bun
Summarize By-----------: Goh Ke Jing
Inspired By --------------: The Father, The Son And The Holy Ghost
Source of Information-: Zondervan New International Version Study Bible
The New Testament,
Chapter 14 Verse 22 to 31.

Peter walked on water.
How did he do it?

Peter was a normal man but he walked on water.
He asked Jesus Christ to call him to walk to Him.
Jesus Christ called to him to come to Him.
Peter walk on water.
But then he start to worry about the waves around him and then he start to drown
Why did he drown even Jesus called him?

He walked on water because he had his eyes on Jesus Christ.
But because he worried about the waves around him and stop look on Jesus Christ.
He started to drown.

Here is a short picture story...

There are four main things that we should keep in our minds...

I. To Ask and Keep on Asking.
-As Peter asked before he do anything.
-If Peter had just gone into the water without calling onto Jesus, he will have gone straight to the bottom of the sea.
-So we should be like Peter, ask Jesus Christ before we take on an action.

II. To Seek His Will
-Our Faith is to do the Will of God
-It is said that if what we seek is of the Will of God, we will be safe not matter what come towards us.
-No one and nothing can stop the Will of God.
-He will be and have been ensuring our safety all the time.
-As Peter had sought the Will of God, he was safe from the dangers of the sea.

III. To Wait on The Lord
-Peter waited for Jesus Christ to call him before he went to Him.
-As Peter had, we should wait on the Lord for his answer.
-His voice will ensure that that is of His Will.
-If we had walked before we are told to go, we will fall.

IV. To Move on and Walk to Him
-In the Will of God and already having his answer, we should walk on with full confidence in the Lord as we are send by our Lord.
-Having all these we shouldn't procrastinate or even having a single doubt or worry.

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I apologize for any of my mistake that I have made


Friday, April 13, 2007

Fortress of his Solitude

Leave me alone.

Crying from within, he yelled out as loud as he could. No one would ever hear him yelling, not because the cafeteria was just full of noise and chatting of poeple who couldn't care more about him, but because he never yelled out loud. He shouted and shouted, only in his heart for his very self from within to hear.

Perhaps he thought he could handle things better now that he has learnt his lesson. Perhaps he has learned to wait upon the Lord and seek His kingdom first. Perhaps now that He was called into the ministries, he would be more focused on serving God.

He was serving God, but it became such struggle, such pain, such a burden.

He was struggling from within. His struggle was with his studies. He recently flunked an economics paper and scraped through with a miserable 'pass' for his accounts. He thought he's going to fail the upcoming calculus paper, and he said, why bother studying if all that's going to happen is just another failure?

His struggle was with a girl. He never learn his lessons. From afar he would watch his favourite girl yacking and laughing with other people. Again he wanted to be that guy that could always make her laugh. But I'm just not that guy.

And he was devastated. He wasn't getting what he wanted the most. He didn't achieve what he set his heart out to do.

Dejected and defeated, he walked back to his classroom on the thrid floor and stared blankly into the open skies. Wondering what would be coming next, he saw something he never saw before.

It was a beautiful bird that glided across the skies in front of his very eyes. At first sight he thought that it was a dove. White feathers that blanketed its small and yet sturdy body, as it gracefully made its way through half the horizon of his vision it was just at such ease and worry-free. He started to envy the dove, wishing that he could be just like that dove. Living a life of no problems, no troubles and no tears.

Then he suddenly stopped wishing. He saw the bird flapping its wings, revealing the lower part of its wings. He gasped at what he saw next.


The bottom part of its wings were black. He rubbed his eyes, thinking that it was just an optical illusion or it was the late nights that caused the hallucination or such, but he couldn't have mistaken after seeing it again. It was black at the bottom indeed. Not just at the wings, but the whole body.

From the bottom, people who looked above would have saw the black part of the bird and thought it was a crow.

Looking below from above, they would have saw the snow body of the bird and said it was a dove.

He realised that God was speaking to him with this bird.

A rare species of the bird it may be, but God's will is indeed a rare sight. People from below may never see the dove He gives to us, but it is indeed a dove. For what Man sees from the bottom up is a crow, a curse, a problem or a catastrophe; but beyond the crow that Man only sees is a gift that God Himself has sent from above, for what He sees and has in His great mind is not a crow, but a dove.

Struck with remorse, he prayed and repented. He knew that for him to be able to see His great plans and the dove of his life, he had to stand from where God stood and look down from above.

Maybe he could never get there. Maybe he will never ever be in such position, but that never did matter anymore. All that truly mattered was that now, he will never be alone without a friend or a companion, for in the fortress of his solitude, he cried out for help in despair, and God being the friend of the times and trials heard, and sent him what he needed most.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Sunday

Yes yes, u wont be seeing anymore of the shining *Mission Possible* done by Liz when u open the LifeXtreme blog now, because this time its gonna be EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE!!.. But dont worry, Liz's post will be always there..... sorry aihz

Well, erm i dont have those chunted pictures like Liz's previous post, so im just gonna make this simple and short. Forgive me for any wrong words said aii..

2007 Easter started of with,

Celebrate Jesus celebrate

He is risen, He is risen
And He lives forevermore
He is risen, He is risen
Come on and celebrate
The ressurection of our Lord

Worship with - Amanda's lead. That was just one of the songs sang, and i felt it was really meaningful, all of the songs was. Because it was the day we celebrate the ressurection of our Lord Jesus! .... So, the service that day was a little bit different because it was held at the lakeside. Everyone looked excited while stepping on the grass except for me because i was lame enough to wear slippers and ended up soaking my feet in muddy grass but nothing could get in the way to ruin anything.

Almost the whole church came along to celebrate Easter though it started quite early, before the sun rised i think. Yeah, *bravos* to everyone. And those who missed it, u can still be updated with LifeXtreme blog. Just make sure u dont miss the next Easter. LOL.

After worship, LifeXtreme performed a short story entitled "It is Finished". Talking about what happened before Jesus died on the cross , when he was hung on the cross and when he rose from the dead. It was awesome! I did as what Jason said, close my eyes.... while listening.... it was like He was there.... yeah, thats why i said it was awesome!

Up next was a short message by Pastor Tham. Im sorry but i cant really remember everything that pastor said, all i can remember is " ...when Jesus rose from the dead - heavens rejoiced,the earth transformed and hells were terrified..... ". Aint Jesus powerful. He is memang The King of Kings ! . And deepest condolence to the family of late Uncle Chong, we will definately miss his presence but we know that he's celebrating Easter with Jesus already!

After that was games time! First, icebreaker - we were supposed to get to know one another by asking at least 3 people their names and etc. Then, the next game started of by grabbing 10 people and form a group. Got a list of things to stick on one of the members body. Kesiannye..
There was one of the items listed, amylase - everyone was wondering what was amylase until Liz said saliva. In my group, Bro. Lau had to actually spit some saliva out into a piece of double-faced tape, which was disgusting. - Am i supposed to tell about this as well ah ?? Opps.. just to add some flavour.
But Bro.Lau, Uncle Lim, Joash, Stanley and Erin did a great job 'modelling' with all the sticky stuffs like insects, astronauts, leaves, hairband, balloons, socks, white hair and the list goes on.

Lastly was breakfast! Most of them were hungry by that time, cant wait for the Nasi Lemak & karipap to be served. Too much of sambal in the Nasi Lemak for anti-chilly people like me.
After everyone kenyang already then, hmm balik rumah loh.- See u next Sunday!

Till then! =)

Revelation 1: 18 I am the Living One; I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever
and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades.

Justina =><= Nana *LifeXtremer*